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This new Sturmer is not a continuation of the famous Julius Streicher ‘s Sturmer.  All patriotic people have the right to learn the real truth about their racial kindred.  Most that has been written about the German and the Norse after WWII is a misrepresentation of history and does a great injustice imposed by pro-Zionists and Jews in schools, and in writings through their false teachings to educators and political leaders in governments.

As a patriotic Norwegian, I feel an obligation to give facts, as they happened, and which bear a greater resemblance of truth, then the misinformation and distorted truths about what really happened to the German and the Norse people during the last 2000 years, but especially since World War II.

The emblem of the New Sturmer is an old Norse symbol that was used by King Olav Haraldson of Norway, (995-1030).   Nasjonal Samling, the political party of Vidkum Quisling, used this same symbol.  It is called the Solkors ---Sun Cross--- It can be found on many stone carvings throughout the German and the Norse world.  Eventually it lead to the Swastika, another potent symbol with great meaning for the German and the Norse and their political movements, that have been also misrepresented by the Zionists and Jews who, for generations and generations have worked unrelenting for world domination.



All major  banks, regardless of country, are owned by Jews.     One question for you:  Who do you think stand behind all economic crises in the Western World now or earlier?   The Jews do not like this fact.  You should ask all Jews why they stand behind all economic crises?  I will give you a hint:  The Jews will take over the world!   If you don't believe this fact, read the Talmud.    You ought to know that it is by the Jews condemned as Anti-Semitic to say anything bad about the Jews, while the Jews themselves, can say whatever they want about all non-Jews.    If you tell the Jews you knows the Jews declared war on Germany on March 24, 1933   They will declare you an enemy of the Jews and an Anti-Semite.    What do you want to be? A Man telling the truth or a man suppressing the truth?



Google's owner is Jewish Sergey Brin.  He was born in Moscow in the Soviet Union to Jewish parents.  Since Google is owned by a Jew one MUST never believe what is written on Google.  



Larry Page is the owner of You Tube.  Page's mother is Jewish, which makes Page a full blooded Jew.  Be aware when or if you post anything on You Tube, the Jews will misuse whatever you post. 





Mark Zuckerberg owner of Facebook is a Jew. Zuckerberg was raised Jewish by his mother.    Be aware when or if you post anything on Facebook, the Jews will misuse whatever you post.





Every nationalist should seek friends and form groups against what the Jews are doing to our world.  You MUST be award that Jews will try to infiltrate all nationalist groups, so make the group small, and only let friends in whom you know they are not Jews.  Then start telling everybody you meet what the Jews do to your country and your community.  The war for our future have started - if you want to participate you MUST act now.   This web-site is NOT infiltrated by Jew nor Zionists.  What you read here is the TRUTH.


"The Jewish banking capital became international, united through [mutually] intersecting [incestuous] marriages, and turned into a real international fortress... What could be a more convincing illustration of the fantastic conception of a worldwide Jewish government than the Rothschild family, uniting citizens of five different countries the separate conflicts of which didn't affect the interests of their respective state banks even for a moment!" Jewess Hannah Arendt author of Eichmann in Jerusalem




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Wilhelm Petersen:                                                             Svein Solem
Der Reitter von Valsgärde (1936)                                             Erling Skjalgsson König von Ryge
The Knight from Valsgärde (1936)                                           Erling Skjalgsson King of Ryge




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