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Volume 2

Dear Friends and Fellow Aryans

For the past 55 years we have been pestered by the Jews regarding the alleged loss of Jews due to gassing by the Germans during World War II. The alleged number of lost Jews has varied from 48 million by rabbi Dr. Miklos Nyszli in his book "Behind Humanity" to 5,370,000 by Lucy Dawidowicz. This in spite of the fact that more than 4,344,371 Jews survived the concentration camps. This last number was given to us by the Jews themselves in their Zionist publication, "The Canadian Jewish News", of 1. January 1981. The number, 4,344,371, represent 99,1% of the Jews that by the end of 1980 had claimed indemnity from the German state for their stay in any of the concentration camps during World War II. Using arithmetic we come to a total number of 4,388,825 Jews who survived the war. But should we believe this is the number?

I have great doubt even as to this number especially since the number has been given to us by the Jews through the Jew's greed for money.

Let us look into the number of Jews living in the world before World War II.

Let me give you some details regarding the Jewish population in Europe prior to WWII: - the world's Jewish population faced a serious demographic crisis before WWII. This was true even for Jews living in Eastern Europe.

- during the 1930's roughly 1,000,000 Jews left the historical places in central and eastern Europe for North and South America, Palestine, western Europe and several other minor recipient countries.

- at the beginning of WWII there were less than 16 million Jews in the world. They were found in the following areas:

- United States of America: .......................................... 5,0 million (4,8)

- USSR (including Baltic states) .................................... 5,3 million (3,2)

- Palestine .................................................................. 0,4 million (0,4)

- European countries occupied by Germany during WWII: 2,9 million (6,1)

- rest of the world: ....................................................... 2,4 million (2,2)
Total ....................................................................... 16,9 million (16,6)

- at the outbreak of the war the largest part of the Jews were moved to Siberia.  

They moved to a Jewish autonomous area given to them by Stalin.  It was named Birobidzhan

 The Jewish Autonomous Oblast (Russian: Евре́йская автоно́мная о́бласть, Yevreyskaya avtonomnaya oblast; Yiddish: ייִדישע אווטאָנאָמע געגנט; yidishe avtonome gegnt[12]) is a federal subject of Russia (an autonomous oblast) situated in the Russian Far East, bordering with Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Oblast of Russia and Heilongjiang province of China. It is also referred to as "Yevrey" (Yiddish: יעװרײ) and "Birobidzhan"[14] (Yiddish: ביראבידזשאן). Its administrative center is the town of Birobidzhan. As of the 2010 Census, its population was 176,558.


Soviet authorities established the autonomous oblast in 1934. It was the result of Joseph Stalin's nationality policy, which provided the Jewish population of the Soviet Union with a large territory in which to pursue Yiddish cultural heritage. According to the 1939 population census, 17,695 Jews lived in the region (16% of the total population). The Jewish population peaked in 1948 at around 30,000, about one-quarter of the region's population.

Here is a map of Birobidzhan


Less then 15% of the Jews living in the Soviet Union fell into German hands.

- one million Jews died while fighting in the Red Army or in Siberia. (even though their brethren ran the gulags. If interested I can give you names of some of the Jews who ran the gulags in the USSR.)

After WWII there were 14,7 million Jews in the world. They were spread as follows:

- United State of America ............................................... 5,2 million (5,0)

- USSR (including Baltic states) ...................................... 4,3 million (2,0)

- Palestine .................................................................... 0,6 million (0,6)

- European countries occupied by Germany during WWII: 2,4 million (1,1)

- rest of the world: ....................................................... 2,2 million (2,3
Total ........................................................................ 14,7 million (11,0)

These numbers come from the book "The Dissolution of the Eastern European Jewry" by Walter N. Sanning, 2nd Edition Torrance/California 1985 We must trust Sanning in his specification of the number of Jews. His book has been praised by Jews around the world.

The World Zionists give higher numbers for Jews before WWII and in 1945 than Sanning, but since the Zionists are a propaganda organisation I do not think it is wise to believe their numbers. Zionist numbers are in brackets above.

Let us look further into the number of Jews in Palestine just after WWII. In 1948 Jerusalem had a population of 100,000 Jews, and in Palestine as such more than 850,000 Jews. This number was given by the UN in connection with the establishment of the state of Israel. Were did all these Jews come from? Europe!!!!

Looking closely at the rise in the numbers of Jews living in Palestine between 1939 and 1945 we see that this number has risen the same amount the population of Jews in European countries occupied by Germany has fallen.

We also know that Jews emigrated from Hungary and Romania to Palestine during WWII. They emigrated without the concurrance of Germany through Turkey on ships to Palestine. This was stopped as Germany did not want to ruin her relationship with the Arab states.

Based on these numbers not many Jews died during WWII

We might agree on a few thousands, with an upward limit of 150.000 Jews. Of these we know that some 74.000 inmates died at Auschwitz. This number is based on the death books discovered in Moscow after perestroika. Not all these dead inmates were Jews.

Since none of the death books of the other camps have been discovered we are not in a position to give any realistic numbers for those camps.

Treblinka was a camp used early on during the war for producing sand and gravel for roads during the early campaign against Russia - and since Germany at that time had full dominion over her own air space we must assume that they could get medicines to those inmates at Treblinka who became sick. Further, as Treblinka is not located in an area of damp with a high water table it is less likely that the amount of typhus, cholera and other deseases could spread among the inmates as they did at Auschwitz. To dig out sand and gravel one does not need many men because the Germans had machinery to help them.

Majdanek was another camp located in the east of Poland. The camp at Majdanek was obviously a camp for detaining Jews before they were to be shipped eastwards. When the Germans did not manage to overrun Russia as they had planned the Jews who were gathered at Majdanek had to be shipped to other camps in Poland or in the Baltic states. We might even think that some of them ended up in Auschwitz and were either transported westwards as the Germans withdrew or chose to wait for the oncoming Soviets.

Belzec, Chelmno and Sobibor were camps in the east of Poland and surely used as rest places before transportation eastwards into Russia. For those of you who know your holocaust history you might recall that Belzec was the camp were the Germans killed Jews by forcing them to stand in water up to their hips before turning on the electricity which killed the Jews. After all the Jews were killed the water was pumped out and the electrified iron floor which the Jews stood on was again turned on and the dead Jews were fried to ashes. This story was told by Dr. philo. (PHD.) Stefan Szende in the book "Poland's Last Jew". Even Simon Wiesenthal has told this story. Everyone who has by mistake left a chop too long in the pan knows it is impossible to burn/fry a chop to ashes.

Let me now return to the fantastic numbers of The Canadian Jewish News", of 1. January 1981: 4,344,371. This is obviously the number of Jews who have blackmailed Germany into paying them money, but the number has nothing to do with the number of Jews within the grasp of Germany during WWII.

If one adds the post WWII numbers of Jews given by the Zionists to the number of allegedly gassed Jews given by Lucy Dawidowicz, 5,370,000, one comes to a larger number than that of the Jews living in occupied Europe before WWII. See for yourselves: 1,100,000+5,370,000 = 6,470,000. This number is higher than the number of Jews who lived in occupied Europe before WWII. And in this number we have not accounted for those Jews who survived WWII and demanded compensation from Germany, 4,344,371 Jews.

If we then add the Zionist numbers for Jews living in occupied Europe to the number of those whom by 1981 had gotten compensation from Germany we get: 5,444,371 and to this number add the rise in Jewish population in Palestine between 1939 and 1945 we get 5,844,371. This leaves us with a number of dead Jews of 255,629 which is far from the number given by the Jew Lucy Dawidowicz.




Well, we could estimate this to be 1,3% (per cent) per year of a positive rise in population. Based on the number of Jews living in Germany and the countries she occupied this would be based on 2,9 million Jews giving a rise in population per year of 37,700. But this number must be less since the greatest part of the Jews were in camps and were not allowed to copulate - the Germans did not want an explosion in the number of Jews during the Jews stay in these camps. I say this knowing that there were delivery rooms and midwives in each camp.



The population of Jews only increased by 1,6 million between 1945 and 1985. This shows that they are not that fertile. You can surely use this number for your further discussions with friends and proselytes of the Jews. Ask them to explain.


Whatever way we look at the numbers of Jews in the world in 1939 and 1945 as provided to us by the Jews we cannot find a loss amounting to millions.

Any way we look at the number of "lost" Jews as given above:

- Sanning: 100,000

- Zionists: 255,629

- my estimate: 150,000

We are far from any millions of Jews walking towards chambers of any kind, either one in a mountain containing a frying pan or in Auschwitz-Birkenau with it's alleged gas chambers.

The above number must be understood based on the unhealthy situation in some of the camps, people getting sick from typhus, cholera, tuberculosis and other illnesses.

According to the Zionists the number of Jews in the world between 1939 and 1945 fell by 5,600,000.   According to Lucy Dawidowicz 5,370,000 were gassed.

If this number is correct the Germans were responsible for Jews who died in the USSR as well as all other countries.

No, my statement regarding something rotten in those numbers stands.

If any of you are interested we can return at a later time to look at the various eye witnesses and what they have said regarding how the gassing took place. If anyone wants to discuss my statement I am more than willing to do so and will even post your comments on the net.

Heil og sael


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