The Truth On The Katyn Massacre

The Bolsheviks/Communists/Zionists invaded Poland in 1939, and with the help of the 20% local Jewish population, rounded up the intelligentsia. From mid 1939 until 1941 the NKVD (Zionist death squads) cleansed half of Poland of the rich, the leaders, and the bureaucrats.

In short, Shem Wankel, a Yiddish clerk, would go to the NKVD and report his commissioner as a 'dissident', and the commissioner would be on the next train, and Shem was the new commissioner. The trains took over 400,000 poles to the forests of Belarus, and the Ukraine. The trains unloaded at deserted stretches and the Christians marched a few hundred yards into the woods and shot.

The Katyn Forest massacre was famous because the German army found 22,000 in one single pit.

In 1941 the Germans started the Russian invasion. Naturally the Zionist NKVD was back in Russia.


The Ukraine Infestation

In Russia the Jews were confined to the Pale of the Settlement, and in the mid 1800's started to migrate to Poland. When the Bolsheviks killed the Czar in 1917 the plague took full force.

Every village and township was infected, but they keep a low profile. In 1939 the locust arose from their cocoons, and they went from rag-peddlers to government officials, confiscated all the businesses and wealth.






German officers and prepresentatives of the International Red Cross inspecting the mass-graves in 1943







After the German invasion of Eastern Poland in summer of 1941 the Germans discovered the graves of 14,000 Polish officers.

During the International Tribunal in Nurnberg after WWII Soviet claimed the Reich and Hitler being responsible for the massacre at Katyn.

During the 1950-ties the US-prosecutor at the Nurnberg International Tribunal, R. H. Jackson, declared to the US-Congress that the Germans had told the truth regarding Katyn during the International Tribunal in Nurnberg.

In spite of all available information the Poles set up a memorial in Warsaw’s Military Cemetery in 1985 claiming the Polish officers were killed by the troops from National Socialist Germany in 1941.   Politicians from BRD, the Jewish puppet-state on German land, participated in the 1985.ceremony.

The truth about what happened at Katyn was first told after Soviet archives were opened in 1990.   Now National Socialist Germany were freed from all Soviet (Jewish) lies.