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 Russian Billionaire (and others) Sting British Banks
Lenoid Blavatnik Is A Russian Billionaire



Taxpayers get 2.5 billion tab as Lenoid Blavatnik defaults


Russian tycoon 'had RBS loan of 2.5bn written off'


The British bank RBS has loaned a Russian  Oligarch 2.5 billion loan, he defaulted, and the British taxpayer gets the bill. The past lending practices of RBS of which the taxpayer now holds a majority share have emerged as a particular concern.
Last year, the oligarch referred to as Len  Blavatnik in the West who is  the 11th richest man in Britain, with an estimated fortune of 3.9 billion.


Zionist Controlled RBS


RBS, Lloyds Banking Group, and Barclays, are all lending massive sums to foreign nationals who are defaulting which then requires taxpayer bailouts. 

Officials have discovered that the banks made the majority of their loans overseas, sometimes to companies and individuals whose ability to repay their debts was highly questionable.



Oleg Deripaska Is Another Zio-Billionaire

RBS was part of a group of banks that gave a 2.8billion  loan to a firm owned by Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire who has ties to the British government official Peter Mandelson.







Why Are British Taxpayers Footing The Bill?

Lev Leviev is an Israeli diamond tycoon, who have interests  in Africa and Las Vegas.
Why should the ordinary working Brit bail him out for billions?






The Working People Suffer
Beautiful White woman barely making ends meet
Not only do the non-Jews have to pay for these pigs and their bank heists, but now they  suffer inflation and unemployment as a result of the mis-handling and outright theft of HUNDREDS of Billion$.