Jews living in Norway and what they are doing to Norway Part 1

The New Stürmer

Year 2000

Dear friends and fellow Aryans

"It is my profound opinion that Judaism must perish" Let us help the Jews to perish.

"Remember the Jews declared war on Germany on March 24, 1933"

Remember also that it was Jews living in USA who developed a plan to starve out the whole German population after WWII - The Morgenthau Plan. This plan was sanctioned by the Jew Franklin Delano Roosevelt and carried out by the Jew Dwight D Eisenhower.

Never forget the plan launched by the Jew Louis Nizer to sterilize and exterminate all Germans after WWII. This plan was praised by the Jew Harry Salomon Truman. Truman's Jewish name was Truemann.

I have previously told you the names of a few Jews living in Norway - Jews who pass themselves off as Norwegian - but who act on behalf of the world Jewish community. In this connection I think it is correct to give an example of a Jew who did exactly this. Norway had a President of her Parliament who was Jew, Jo Benkow. He once said, during his time as president: "I have Norway in my chest, but Israel in my heart". This he said without anyone saying a word to him regarding his treason towards Norway for such an utterance. To an Aryan it is impossible to have one country in his chest and another in his heart. But to the Jew Benkow it was natural to have Israel first. By his utterance Benkow told all Norwegians that in case of a conflict between Norway and Israel he would choose Israel. This same Benkow also operated as a smuggler. After a trip to Israel, paid for by Norwegian taxpayers, he did not pay tax on a gold ring with pearls he had bought. Benkow like all Jews doesn't like to pay taxes, so he and some lackey friends asked parliament to change the law - and so the Jew did not have to pay any taxes nor was he to be looked upon as a smuggler. It did not bother the Jew or his friends that by this they had neglected the Constitution paragraph 97: No law must be given retrospective force.



The constitution of 1814 did not allow Jews to enter Norway. The paragraph was based on an old law given by the Danish King Christian the 5th in 1681 that no Jews were allowed to live or settle in Norway. King Christian allowed only baptised Jews to settle. This happened during the years Norway had a common king with Denmark. When Norway got her own constitution the founding fathers wanted to keep the Jews out of our beautiful country and did this by writing the paragraph not allowing Jews to enter the country into the constitution.

During 1814 Norway shared a common king with Sweden, but this did not alter the constitution regarding the Jews. Sweden had a lot of Jews and they immediately started to agitate for Jews to be allowed to enter the country, but in vain. In their struggle to allow the Jews to enter Norway they used a Marrano, Henrik Wergeland, to speak for their cause. Wergeland's mother, Alette Dorthea Thaulow, was a Marrano. The Jews who says Henrik Wergeland was a great man, forget to tell Norwegians that his mother was Marrano.

To think that Wergeland, a stupid young Marrano, a man who could hardly hold a job and who was a bad poet, could have convinced Norwegian politicians and intellectuals that the Jews should be allowed to enter and settle in Norway is something only Jews could believe. No, Wergeland was only a small piece in the Jew's game to take over power in Norway - a game which was being played by Jews living in Sweden and Denmark. These Jews were supported by Jews living in other European countries.

The constitution even had a paragraph saying Norway was a Lutheran country. Even this paragraph has been removed on order of the Jewish community. This paragraph was removed shortly after WWII



Even long before 1681 Norway had laws forbidding Jews from entering the country. But these laws are very old and hardly known among the people.

During the Viking era Norway was partitioned into law-districts, such as Bjoergvin near Bergen (on the West-Coast), Frostating near Trondheim and Borgarting around Oslo. The old Bjoergvin law contains the following sentence: "If a pagan man says he seek the priest to get baptised he shall be given room and food. If that man does not get baptised he shall leave the country within five nights or be looked upon as an outlaw."  (Go to Norwegian WW2 history for a map of Norway.)

Even in a law from 1274 we find requirements regarding what kind of people could live in Norway: "Only Christian men can live in the Kings country." This was long before Norway had a common king with Denmark.

Muselmann, the Norse name used for Jews, were not allowed into Norway according to the old Norse. Some Norse had actually met Jews during their travels both to Turkey and Mediterranean countries.



Business was bad for all Jews living in Norway during the 20s and 30s. This was due to the depression in Europe and the world. Jewish shops went bankrupt every other week. Jews lost money on the stock exchange even in Norway late in 1929.

All Norwegian business was bad in those years before WWII.



During WWII, in 1942, the Germans ordered the Jews to leave Norway - they were sent to Poland and camps in Germany to be shipped after the war to Eastern-Europe. The property of the Jews was, according to normal German proceedure, booked and accounted for, money was put into bank accounts in Norges Bank, the national bank of Norway. Furnishings and movables were stored.

After the war the World Jewish Community claimed 780 Jews, that part of the Jews who lived in Norway before the war who had not run away to Sweden or England, were killed at Auschwitz. Norway was forced to take in a number of Jews to account for the "lost" Jews, and Norway did. After Norway had taken her share of the Jews there were still Jews in the various camps that no country wanted - these were Jews with handicaps. Norway also took in these Jews.

In 1947 the Norwegian state paid out the money which had been held in store to the Jewish families. The Jews got back their furnishings and movables at the same time they came home from Sweden or England. The various bank accounts had an amount equal to NOK 110 million NOK, 13,75 million US$, in today's money. None of the Jews who got their money back claimed there was money lost. They could not because the state could prove the amounts with income tax from before and during the war.

As you may have learned from one of my earlier letters the Jews - the World Jewish Congress - some years ago ordered the Norwegian government to pay out a compensation to the Jews living in Norway for their losses during WWII of NOK 450 million, equal to 56,25 million US$. One of the reasons given by Jews living in Norway for why they should get this money was that they had had to pay tax on the money they got in 1947, that is those who got inheritances from dead family members. Inheritance tax is normal in Norway, but as we enter the Mosaic era the Jews shall not pay tax to a goyim government - so the Jews had to get extra money from the Norwegian government.



The Jews living in Norway do not have occupations like ordinary Norwegians. No, the Jews are employed as teachers, politicians, doctors, barristers-at-law, in the government and other occupations were they are commanding Aryans, just as the talmud tells them.

You find Jews with the following names in Norway: Klein, Kahn, Mendelson, Hanisch, Drevlin, Dworsak, Abrahamsen, Steinfeld, Christiansen, Koritzinsky, Levin and other well known Jewish names - written in Norwegian way. The police chief of Oslo, Killengren is a Marrano.

In addition to these Jews Norway has a lot of Marranos - it is impossible to know the number of Marranos living there.

After the so-called revolution in Hungary 1956 Norway got a lot of Jews - claiming they were Hungarians. Today we know they were all Jews who were thrown out or fled Hungary because the people there did not want them. When Soviet troops entered Hungary some of the Jews stayed - but no Jews left Norway to go back to Hungary. Since the social benefits were better in Norway, why go back to a country controlled by the communists.

Let us look at two of the Jews living in Norway:

Drevelin. He is chief of the Directorate for Immigration. He is supposed to limit immigration to Norway. He does the opposite.

Hanisch. He is chief of the Directorate for Labour. He is supposed to help the unemployed to get back to work. He does not - his directorate is not capable of doing so - and Mr Hanisch as a Jew does not care whether or not Aryans have work.



As in all languages Norwegian used to have courtesy pronouns such as De equal to the German Sie, the French equivalent is Vous. As far as I know the English lost their courtesy pronouns when Cromwell sold England out to the Jews from Holland and when the Jews took over the Bank of England.

During the last 10 years these words, and there are more of them, have been left out of ordinary usage - De is exchanged with du = you in English.

Not even in business letters is the courtesy form De in use.

The courtesy pronouns were used to address strangers and people one wanted to show courtesy to. To show a goyim courtesy is impossible for a Jew as the world has entered into the Mosaic era - so the Jews had these words removed. These words will entered the language again after the Jews have established themselves as the new masters - then all goyim must address every jew in courtesy.

Let us get rid of them before that happened.

Heil og sael


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