Ariel Sharon - a Jewish Killer

The New Stürmer

Year 2002

Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews."

Dear kindred and fellow Aryans

  Here is the killer from Sabra and Schatila, Ariel Sharon

The killing of innocent Palestinians have risen day by day for the last two years. The man behind the killing is the Killer from Sabra and Schatila — Ariel Sharon. This man keep on killing. As in Sabra and Schatila Sharon allow his military to kill innocent children, women, old men and non-combatting men. None of the Palestinians can be looked as combatting since they do not have weapons to protect themselves and their country. One does not fight armoured cars with hand-weapons. Neither can a nation be defended against helicopters and air-plans with hand-weapons.

But let us look at the Israeli-USA’s use of words in the light of happening during WW2.

The once killer form Sabra and Schatila will now also be know as the killer of the Palestinian people.


Partisans versus Terrorist - what do Israel say?

During WW2 Jewish groups in Eastern Europe and communist groups in Western Europe, both economical supported by Jewish groups in Britain and USA were called resistance group and held as heroes.

What were these groups???

They were terrorists. Terrorists attacking German soldiers. The Germans treated these groups as the terrorists they were — and after WW2 the Germans were convicted for protecting their own soldiers against the terrorists.


What is Arial Sharon and Israel’s goal?

The first goal:

There should be no doth, the goal is Erertz Isarel — a country with borders far into Egypt in the south, Turkey in the north, Iraq in north-east and Saudi Arabia in south-east.

The second goal:

To kill as many Palestinians as possible, and to intimated those Palestinians the Israeli army do not kill. One can say the Jews are out to exterminate the Palestinian people.

Those they do not kill they will transform into zombies or slaves, which is a Jewish word for zombies.


Simon Peres - Israeli Foreign Minister

  Simon Peres is also a killer.   Peres killed both British soldiers and civilian Palestinians before 1949

Simon Peres have in the last days said the ongoing war is a war regarding the existence of Israel. With such a behaviour one must ask if it was correct to give Simon Peres Nobel’s Peace Price.

One must expect a once recipient of Nobel’s Peace Price also after he received the price will work for peace.


If Jewish audacity/swindle, Chuzpe, is right, then resistance must be a national duty.


Heil og sael


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