Jewish Declaration of War on Germany after January 1, 1933


The Jewish declaration of War on Germany on March 24, 1933 was a declaration of war as if it came from a sovereign state. This even though the Jews did not have one state where all of them lived, they were in power in many state world wide, Great Britain, USA, Soviet and many more. The president of USA, Roosevelt, was Jew and so were a lot of his ministers. Churchill in Great Britain was a Jew. Stalin in Soviet was also Jew,
The Jews might have - at a later time - been able to claim it was not a declaration of war on Adolf Hitler and his political party. Such a declaration would have had no meaning since a man or a political party can not be declared war on. This the Jews knew and consequently the declaration was a declaration of war on Germany by the world Jewry.
To show the significance of the Declaration of War on Germany seen by Jews living in Germany, I aks you to read what The Organisation of Jewish Front Soldiers - Reichsbund jüdischer Frontsoldaten - wrote in a telegram to the US-embassy on March 24, 1933. They wanted to stop the hate campaign against Germany.

But it started long before that date. Look here:

- 1920: George Creel, US Chief of Propaganda during WW1: "There is still a lot of work to be done in Germany. to burn out the last vestiges of Germanism amongst their population." (Even as early as 1920 the Jews started their WW2 on the German people. Did they tell you that in their propaganda? I bet not. This was long before NSDAP, National Socialist Worker's party of Germany, had any power or Hitler was a man to reckon with. Before 1920 the Germans had said NO to Judea-Bolshevism. Was that the reason for the Jewish hate for Germany and the Germans?)

- 1932: Bernard Lecache, President of the Jewish World League said: "Germany is the Number one enemy of our Nation. We must declare merciless war against them." (This should prove that it was Germany which were in the Jews searchlight, it was Germany the Jews were after. The Jews never told us why they with such a cruelty were pursuing a country. I trust we never will hear their true reasons. But we should keep in mind how the Jews operate and how cruel they truly are, Further this should show that the Jews looked upon themselves as belonging to one nation - Judea or Jewish state.)

And the Jews kept on their hate campaign against Germany. Just see:

- On March 25, 1933 The New York Times had an article confirming the war declaration from Daily Express.

- On March 25, 1933 the news paper Sun of Baltimore also ran a anti German article.

- On March 26, 1933 The New York Times in an article said that over half a million Jews were being attacked in Germany by Hitler. (My comment: That attack had never been confirmed by anyone, nor did it happened.)

- On March 26, 1933 The New York Times printed an article "Rabbis brands Hitler in their sermons. Specially Rabbi Louis P Newmann of Temple Sholom in Youth House on 113 West Fifty seventh Street, New York is mentioned because of what he said.

- On March 26, 1933 the Zionist Union of Germany, Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland, wrote a telegram to leading Jews in USA, saying they were protesting against the misuse from abroad of the Jews in Germany.


- On March 27, 1933 after the Jewish declaration of war on Germany.  Jews in New York held a meeting in Madison Squar Garden, picture above, under the leadership of Rabbi Stephen S Weis. Before that meeting a Jewish news papers in New York had been full of Jewish war declarations on Germany and assaults on Hitler.



In all news paper articles the Jews of USA proceeded with their attacks on Germany and confirming the War declaration from March 24.

Rabbi Stephen S Weis was a warmonger. He was honourable member of American Jewish Congress. 

In conjunction with the declaration of War of March 24, 1933 it is important to view the total attack from Jews and their organisation all over the world. This should bring down any allegation from Jews of to-day to down talk what the World Jewish organisation and Jews did and meant in 1933. They wanted a war on Germany. Germans were looked upon as Haman, the enemy of Esther - Haman and his sons were killed by a Jewess, see book of Esther.


German Reaction on the Jewish Declaration of War from March 24, 1933

Go here to read, in German, Hitler's reaction

After the penny-a-lining in  Daily Express of March 24, 1933 some German SS-men and members of NSDAP, the German National Party, stood outside Jewish shops in German cities and towns.


I trust you to understand why Germany had to protect herself and her inhabitants after the World Jewry had declared Germany war in March 1933. Above brave Germans did what they felt to be right - protect Germans from those who had declared war upon the inhabitants of Germany and Germany herself. 

These reactions were not appreciated by Jews outside Germany - they saw this as a German attack on Jews. I leave it up to you to judge on the German reaction.

Compare the pictures from England and USA with those from Germany, which you see on this page.

I leave it to you to judge and draw your conclusions.

It you have other pictures from Germany in conjunction with German reaction on the Jewish declaration of war on Germany I will publish them on this page.


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